«My family»

I live in Nork Nork 5th block, Nikoghayos Mar street, 6th building, 4th entrance, 5th floor 39b Our apartment consists of 2 rooms, a bedroom and a living room. My mother, I, my father, my sister are sleeping in the bedroom, and my grandparents are in the living room. The family and our family traditions. My name is Nane, my family is big and friendly. My family consists of 6 people: grandparents, father, me, mother, sister. My mother is a psychologist, she works at the Child Development Center. My father works at the Yerevan Physics Institute, my grandparents are already retired. Grandpa takes me home from school every day. My sister goes to kinder garden and I study at Mkhitar Sebastatsi. We have good traditions at home. We always have dinner with the whole family. Every week my mom takes us to the theater, a puppet show, or a museum. We celebrate all the holidays with the whole family. New Year, Christmas, Easter … I really love my family, my homeland.