Part Two

The men said to him: “You can help us. We found some gold. Help to get it and then we can share the gold”. Tom was very happy. He wanted to give the gold to his parents, because they were very poor. The two men took him to a house. The house had a window with bars.

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Tom Thumb(մատնաչափիկը)

   This story is very old. It is not true, but many children like it. A husband and a wife had no children and they were very sad. There were many nice flowers in their garden, and one day they found a little boy in one flower. He was as small as a man’s thumb. They called him Tom Thumb.

Tom’s mother was very happy. She made nice clothes for her boy. He had a green coat and yellow trousers. On his head he had a yellow hat. His mother made little boots for him. Tom liked his clothes. But he wanted a sword and a shield. He wanted to be a soldier. Mother gave him a needle for a sword and a button for a shield.
One day he went for a walk. He met two men. He did not know them.

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Charlie Chaplin

This is a story that Charlie Chapline liked to tell about himself.

This happened when he was already a world famous actor. A theatre announced a competition to see who could act like Charlie Chaplin. People who took part in the competition had to dress like Charlie Chapline, walk like Chaplin and act out one of the roles in a Chaplin film.

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