Among the Armenian religious holidays is Easter (Zatie) which is celebrated on April 17 this year. Easter is celebrated to memorize the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a Christian holiday and falls in Spring time. Christians believe that Jesus came bask to life 3 days after his death on the cross. The people attend Sunday Service in churches. Easter Sunday is the return of happiness, mercy. Chocolate bunnies colored eggs are the sign of Easter. Eggs are colored in red as the Jesus blood. I like to help my mother to color eggs, to decorate our house with bright flowers. My mother cooks tasty food. We all congratulate each other on Easter: «Happy Easter».


Complete the sentences according to the model. Work in pairs.

A. Must he study English or Latin?
B. I think he must study English.
A. Why?
B. English is more useful.

  1. A. Must I buy this book or that book?
    B. You must buy that book.
    A. Why?
    B. That book is more interesting.
  2. A. Must I put on this dress or that dress?
    B. You must put on this dress.
    A. Why?
    B. This dress is more beautiful.
  3. A. Must I buy the red or the green coat?
    B. You must buy the red coat.
    A. Why?
    B. The red coat is prettier.
  4. A. Must I buy these gloves or those gloves?
    B. You must buy those gloves.
    A. Why?
    B. They are warmer.

Thank you mom for

My mother’s name is Gayane. She has two children, me and my sister՝ Shake. He works as a psychologist. She is so kind և beautiful. I help my mother with household chores, my mother cooks delicious meals, and I clean the house. When I was little, my mother always helped me with household chores. My mother, father and sister spend a lot of time with me, we go to the theater, my mother, father, sister, I go for a walk. My mother makes my life more fun. I am very happy to have such a good, kind and caring mother. I really appreciate և I love him because he gives me joy. Thank you mom for everything you do for me. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧💖💖

My school

I study at «Mkhitar Sebastatsi» educational complex, 5 grade of Northern school. Our school is different from other schools in that we study with computers, do projects, sing and dance, there is no bell at our school, lessons are very interesting, we listen and learn with great pleasure, we can choose additional courses, also we are making trips. I love my school very much. 

My Flat

We live on the 5th floor of a 5-story building. Our apartment has 3 rooms: 2 bedrooms and 1 living room. In the living room, there is a sofa, an armchair, a table, a chair, a piano, a TV, plants, furniture, pictures, a computer. Father, mother me and my sister sleep in one of the bedrooms there is my table on which my textbooks are placed, there is a wardrobe there are placed our clothes and furniture, we have a bunk bed, I sleep on the second floor, my sister on the first. My grandparents sleep in the other room, there is a table with my sister’s textbooks, there is a wardrobe too.