Complete the sentences according to the model. Work in pairs.

A. Must he study English or Latin?
B. I think he must study English.
A. Why?
B. English is more useful.

  1. A. Must I buy this book or that book?
    B. You must buy that book.
    A. Why?
    B. That book is more interesting.
  2. A. Must I put on this dress or that dress?
    B. You must put on this dress.
    A. Why?
    B. This dress is more beautiful.
  3. A. Must I buy the red or the green coat?
    B. You must buy the red coat.
    A. Why?
    B. The red coat is prettier.
  4. A. Must I buy these gloves or those gloves?
    B. You must buy those gloves.
    A. Why?
    B. They are warmer.