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Medicinal herbs with pictures from beginning to end

Herbal medicine is a very old way of fighting against all kinds of diseases. During the thousands of years of its existence, man has discovered and studied the restorative properties of hundreds of medicinal plants that can help with this or that disease. Over the years, many effective recipes have been created, many of which have come down to us — used in folk medicine today. Content:
Despite the tremendous pace of development of traditional medicine և all the innovations offered by the pharmaceutical industry, the use of herbs for the treatment of various diseases remains relevant և does not lose its popularity. They can be used for the prevention and treatment of various chronic and acute diseases in any field of medicine.

Herbs used in folk medicine can be fresh or dried, both externally and internally. Herbs are much safer for human health than medicines. They have «fewer contraindications» and fewer side effects on the human body.

Used for treatment.

plants collected for tea.
Despite the seeming simplicity and safety, non-traditional treatment requires knowledge and caution. After all, for a positive result, the medical raw materials must be collected correctly. And tinctures, concoctions, or extracts made from them should be prepared only with precise recipes. We should not forget about the dosage. This is especially true for medicines that are used internally.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using any herbal medicine. Remember. Misuse of herbs can harm your health.

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